Oil On Canvass

Recognized as one of the finest classical realist artists in the US, this website showcases just a few of the many artistic works I have done over the years.  My thought was to provide a mixed and eclectic display of the many diverse pieces I have done over the years but as you will see my specialty is portraiture.

The Evidednce

In August, 2020 I was blessed by God Almighty with being given an original painting done by the Great Master, Peter Paul Rubens.

Known as a modello, this work of art was created by Rubens around the year 1627 AD to be used as a guide for himself and his assistants in creating other large works of art.

You can see this painting at any of my exhibits.

Greenwood, IN 

Feb 16, 2022

Rotary Club

April 24, 2022

Southland Community
Events & Exhibitions

I worte the book, "The Evidence" in conjunction with researching the authenticity of the Rubens modello.  It is availabe through my publisher, Barnes and Noble, as well as at any of my exhibits.

You can also read the enire book for free as a  PDF by clicking on the image of the cover.